MB-04 Gun fighter ll updated test shots (FINAL)

Check out more details, features & adjustments of
MB-04 Gun Fighter ll !

Compare to the previous version, following adjustments have been made:

1. New built chest plates & shoulder plates with new engraved details & spray paintings.

2. New built covers for covering thighs back in vehicle mode.

3. New built details (vehicle mode): Windscreen wiper, Middle bar on windshield, fog lights.

4. Sword & windshield color changes to transparent blue.

5. In order to control the cost & weight (for efficient shipping), thighs are made of plastic instead of alloy.

6. Additional silver spray painting decorations are applied.

7. Additional double barrelled gun is provided.

8. Chest plates can be opened & power core is included.

9. Character card will be included.